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TOUGH Family:

Built to survive any job, all Duracell® TOUGH flashlights are made with light, shock-proof and splash water protected aluminum of premium quality. There are five different series to meet all requirements - they vary in shape, size and technical details.

FOCUS Series:

The reliable companion with precision-focus lensing for adjustable light intensity.

As the name implies, the FOCUS-Series is equipped with a precision focus lense that provides ultra-bright light. The beam distance can easily be adjusted with just one hand. Constructed with high quality aluminum, the FOCUS flashlights are shock-proof and splash water protected and meet the FL1 standard.

FCS-100 Model:

The FCS-100 delivers ultra-bright light with a beam distance of more than 200 m. The light intensity can easily be adjusted with just one hand. Being one of the bigger models within the FOCUS-Series, the FCS-100 lies securely in hand and impresses through its quality material and elegant design.




Precision-Focus Lense for adjustable light intensity
Aluminum body
FL1 tested
Shock-proof and splash water protected
Light Intensity: 160 Lumen
Beam Distance: 209m
Runtime: 4 hours 15 minutes
Item Size L x D front x D rear (cm): 22,5 / 5,6 / 4,3
Flashlight Net Weight (excluding Batteries): 315g
1 x 4W High Power LED
2 x D Batteries (not included)

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